Implementation, Run and Support


Technical implementation

One of the most important tasks of installation - check the quality of work. The newly developed system for automated import data, it allows to compare the two systems (old and new) job, to perform data audits. Often missed during the analysis reveals how the information (processes, documentation, calculation algorithms, etc.) that must be included in the new system. Draft amendments to the hours of pre-reserved for the project, allows the client to feel safe.

Organizational implementation

Do you know a company with employees do not resist new developments, especially by introducing new software? We do not. At this stage, we work with all the links are: employees have a new "sell" to show the benefits of implemented solutions. From the client's staff involvement depends on the project's success. When the system is put into service, the customer sees additional opportunities for employees, so that the project breaks down into several phases resulting from new proposals to implement the needs and preferences.


Betula IT Consulting provides an exceptional level of support and maintenance from the instant your website goes live. We make sure that your customers are consistently provided with new features and up-to-date, original and relevant content. This is a pivotal part of the comprehensive online marketing strategy that we offer to all of our clients.

At Betula IT Consulting we never tire of optimizing your site and your conversion rate. We are committed to continually upgrading the content on your website by researching the latest trends in your field, communicating with you, and staying ahead of your competition. Betula IT Consulting offers the level of technical support you expect, from answering all of your questions and concerns, to troubleshooting unforeseen glitches, updating non-working links, streamlining text, and continually testing your website’s functionality. Until you’re ready for a major upgrade, we’ll do our best to make sure you get the most out of your existing site.

With Betula IT Consulting online business solution, you will have the support and maintenance plan that will ensure that:

  • Your content is always up to date, relevant and continually refreshed
  • Your website is state of the art, incorporating new technologies and advanced third party solutions
  • Your website is always online – if it goes down for any reason, we will fix the problem immediately
  • Support is available 24/7, upon request
  • You receive the most efficient service and the best value for your money through our sophisticated processes and procedures that are in place with a number of major hosting companies
  • Traffic stats and analyses will be available to you so you can keep track of your site’s progress

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