Betula IT Consulting offers the consulting and advisory services related to analysis and design of information system solutions. The solution analysis means to analyze the key processes, design the foundations of architecture, create the project plan and identify the risk elements of the project.

The consulting during an analysis of key process includes an analysis of the organization as well as users and analysis of the potential deployment of the system to internal and external environment of the organization. After analyzing of the project, the technological risks are eliminated to a minimum level and consistently, it is possible to launch a massive parallel implementation of the system without appreciable risk of failure.

The following solution design is based on the prepared analysis. On its basis, we consult and specify the inputs and outputs of the system behavior and structure of individual modules that the system will consist of and finally define the exact behavior of each module. In the solution design process consulting, we propose:

  • Application framework
  • Data model
  • Physical implementation of the data model
  • Model of the application implementation
  • Security model
  • Hardware platform

The design of the information system is largely processed by the visual model in UML (Unified Modeling Language), which is now considered a standard tool for designing software solutions.

Specifically, the system models are mainly developed in the ORACLE CASE tools. In the case of individual customer requirements, we are able to prepare models by using some other tools in order to be fully utilizable in the following stages of the project development.

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