Bespoke ecommerce solutions give you the ability to access a huge online market and offer customers endless possibilities to improve their experience on your website. By opening up your market to online shoppers your business can increase sales dramatically and quickly. Advansys offer the ability to push your business further, to reach more new markets and audiences by providing global internet advertising solutions.

eShop Solutions

Our eShop solutions differentiate from the simple adoption of our design all the way to a completely individualised shop with your products and your branding. A quick adaption and utilizability of your individual shop develop additional means of income as well as customer groups with long term customer retention. When designing our online shops we attach special importance to

  • hot offers
  • extensive customer care
  • absolute security
  • simple usability
  • high confidentiality
  • multilanguage
  • multi level credit check
  • perpetual customer data protection
  • protection of minors

Individual Web Projects

Representational Websites

Representative websites are created to present your company and its products on the Internet and, of course, to create your company's respective image. A number of different researches carried out around the world have shown that long term image of a company determine better sales, help to attract the best workers and ensure higher security during crises.

The creation of exclusive websites requires a detailed analysis of the costumers' fields of business and needs. More than 10 years of experience allow Betula IT Cosulting and partners to take care of everything and leave you relaxed while watching how we implement innovative solutions that attract more visitors to your website and install a professional content management system "OXID". Using this system, you can easily control information on your website and expedite changes yourself.

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