IT Services

Individual programming

The Specialized Individual Programming is the core component of our services. Following the assessment, a programming plan is developed. The plan outlines goals and objectives, strategies, activities provided, estimated time required and cost of services.

We using Java-based technology software developing, design and programming:
JPA(EclipseLink, Hibernate, OpenJPA) ,
Spring Framework, Spring AOP, Spring MVC,
JSP/JSF, GWT, Eclipse RAP,
XML and XSL transformation,
Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Virgo, Gyrex


Web Technologies :
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, ASP, Smarty.

Programing with C:
Embeded devices, microprocessors.

Databases SQL:
PL/pgSQL language programming SQL query writing and optimization PostgreSQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL server configuration optimization of database procedures.

Build Tools:
Ant, Maven.

Operating Systmes:
Debian GNU /Ubuntu Linux installation and configuration optimization for improving the database server and application server performance.

Systems integration

Modern businesses are often faced with large data flow management and the complexity of their problems. Often the same data is duplicated across different systems, resulting in a loss of data exchange agility, increasing the system support and maintenance costs, error-prone.

Betula IT Consulting can make a detailed analysis of your business systems and their mutual integration. Results of these decisions, the time cost savings, individual systems maintenance cost reduction, increased reliability and accuracy of the information required operational availability.

Betula IT Consulting of integration solutions designed supports Web services:

  • XML files,
  • HTTP / S, FTP,
  • ODBC,

and multiple standard file structures, SOAP webservice and other technologies.
The company performs tarptechnologines integration, based on Java, PHP,. NET, PHP and other technologies.

Body Leasing

Betula IT Consulting Body Leasing represents a modern way of personal capacities leasing to specific job positions. It ensures to assume responsibility in customer software development field, applications administration, strategy and planning of information technologies.

IT is a fast growing sector of world economy and it is very difficult to observe and operate on it. Therefore, an outsourcing of IT experts has noticed a growing trend in recent days. The usage of Body Leasing mainly gives a benefit for that companies which want to divide their productive area from back-office and other activities not corresponding with their core business.

Thankful perfect knowledge of IT environment and real requirements of customers Betula IT Consulting project, development and test professional teams and individuals are able to realize the most complicated IT project. In your company, our experts are ready to take complete or partial software development, analyze current systems or design possible innovative changes.

Advantages of Body leasing:

  • Cost minimization on your own IT department
  • Expert team for various IT areas and a guarantee of availability
  • Experiences, know- how and knowledge of newest technologies
  • Delegation of responsibility on the specialized IT partner
  • Focus on IT development and cover of rising costs for its maintenance and management
  • Flexibility of IT services according to customer needs

Betula IT Consulting provide following services in Body Leasing:

  • Outsourcing of project, development and test teams
  • Outsourcing of IT specialists:
    • Project managers
    • Analysts
    • Programmers
    • Testers
    • Consultants

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